Thursday, 8 November 2018

Atheletics 2018 Term 4

On Tuesday Kauri and Puriri team walked to Lovelock track to do Athletics.
In high jump I came 1st by jumping 1metre 7 cm my best is 1 mertre ten
now I am going to the Eden Albert high jump.

In running I came 4th in the 800 metre sprint my GG said she came 4th in the 400 metre sprint when she was a year 5 at her school and she was a really fast runner.
me and Vinnie nearly tied by 2 or 3 Metres.
 I dont think I was very good at Shot Put or Discus but very good at High Jump and Sprints.

Here are some pictures. (-:}

Thursday, 18 October 2018

roll a story

in room 25 we have been lerning how to wright narritives today i will be doing  roll a story i need a setting a character and a problemo

character: a very grumpy bear
setting: a hot desert
problemo: got lost is space

once in a hot dessert called armidillow home of the cowbears ther is one cow bear who dosen't want to be a cowbear he wants to explore the rest of the desert because he thinks he can see a glowing blue thing high on a thin mountan but what he doesen't no is that ther is a thing that he has to go through to activate the portal.

once the bear had made a plan to get out of armidillow he got to work.
just before the next rugby game started he put his plan into action he shook his soda jetpack and put the lids on loose but not so loose that it will burst. 
halfway through the game he ran off the feld and got his soda bottles and shoock them up again fiped them upsidown and undid the lids hie went zooming up into the sky like a hawk dashing backwards and escaped armidillol and landed on the mountan with a huge ⚡THUD⚡ he walked through the portel and... he came out the other side of... the portel.

there must be a thing  on the other side of the mountan to actinate it he slid down and landed in a thing and he zooms down to the portal time was running out he had to go through the portal it was active now so he ran through and he came out in space. it was very interesting at first then he got hungery .
so he went for a drift to try fined a pond of fish then he remembered ther was no h20
in space so he would have to go down to earth again so he went back and adain zomed down like a hawk but insted of landing on erth he lands on the oson layer so he has to breah it to go get food then he breahs it with mars so then he goes but insted of landing in the desert he lands at a city.

i hope you guys engoyed my story

Thursday, 30 August 2018

my t3 lerning journal

this is all the stuff I've done this term

Monday, 13 August 2018

Quick Maths

This week it is Maths week on Monday we did some Bodmas and we had to get the answer with (+ x ÷ / ) and run around the class to get to
Miss Mills ,woah it was really tense.
But after we had finished we were so releved because... we won. Now we will get a prize.

Here is a picture.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Marleys Bee proactive slide show.

Dragonfly d.l.o by Marley R

this is my dragonfly d.l.o it took me about Two weeks to finish I hope you engoy.