Thursday, 29 November 2018


 in maths we have been lerning about ratios.
 For this activity we had to choose 2 colors and mix them into one ther were 6 colors they were blue,yellow,black,white red and green wee had to mix tham and the amout of times we scooped 2 colors we had to wright it down

here are some pictures

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

what is an onstar may

In room 25 we have been doing visual discriptions what is a visual desctiption is something that you have to predict but the clues have to be with shapes.

can you figur out what my one is

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Atheletics 2018 Term 4

On Tuesday Kauri and Puriri team walked to Lovelock track to do Athletics.
In high jump I came 1st by jumping 1metre 7 cm my best is 1 mertre ten
now I am going to the Eden Albert high jump.

In running I came 4th in the 800 metre sprint my GG said she came 4th in the 400 metre sprint when she was a year 5 at her school and she was a really fast runner.
me and Vinnie nearly tied by 2 or 3 Metres.
 I dont think I was very good at Shot Put or Discus but very good at High Jump and Sprints.

Here are some pictures. (-:}