Monday, 11 March 2019

visit from the power company vector

On monday the 11th of March 2019 the power company Vector came to Owairaka Primary School to talk about saving power and types of power there is in the world.
Did you know 0.1% of the world's power comes from solar energy and... 63.5% is made from hydro energy
We also learnt about  non-reusable and reusable electricity

There is only one non reusable source of energy
and it is... fossil fuels which are oil coal and natural gasses

The reusable electricity's are...

wind-heat and frost
geothermal-boiling water
solar-the sun
and biomass- there are many things in biomass such as
garbage,wood,crops,alcohol fuels and landfill gas that is the stuff I remember from the visit

These are some pictures blog ya later well after you look at the pictures

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