Monday, 25 March 2019

annual cultural unity day of 2019

today is cultural unity day at school we had an assembly and we had 1 minutes of silence from the shooting at happened last friday.
in the assembly we sang the song under the Southern skies and then my friend Luca's dad came and told us a story about a fox outsmarting a bear the story was about a fox that was really hungry in the snow and it found some fish in someone's van then he took six of the fish and the Bear was hibernating then he smelt the fish and tried to get it but the fox won.

the food was really nice I had 2 sausage rolls one hot dog 1 piece of watermelon and some popcorn.

that was cultural unity day
blog ya later


  1. KIA Ora my name is Jiraiya and I am in room 24. I really liked your blog post about culture unity day . I remember when the whole school southern skies.

    have you ever drew a fox before.
    Thanks for sharing You should check my blog

  2. G'day Jiraiya thank you for taking up your time to comment on my blog.
    your question was if I have ever drawn a Fox actually no.
    no offence but i don't really like foxes...*_*
    but I will think about drawing one.
    blog ya later.

  3. Replies
    1. gidday gidday gidday how ya been mate?

    2. Thank you for commenting on my blog Matti. I miss you and I am in Room 22 with Ms O'Shea.
      Thank you for commenting on my blog.
      Blog ya later, Matti
      from Marley Rust